Our basic pillars

We attach great importance to these properties.


I see creativity as a world without borders. I will always try to be refreshing!


6/7 accessible on mobile.
7/7 accessible on pc.


Good communication is the start of everything.

Web design

I make websites. The design and also the code. All my websites are responsive. Responsive means that your website can be watched on different devices and still looks great.

Graphic design

I'm on a daily base working with Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I always in to make: Logos, artwork, illustrations, app design, web design, tshirt design, stickers, flyers or brochures.

Problem solving

I can solve your pc problems. I guess I can't solve them all but if I can solve your problem, I'll always fix it!

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Do not doubt, here to solve your problem!

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